The Seasons of a Dream: What the Here and Now Really Means for a Dream-Chaser


Dear Dreamer,

Do you know where you are?

Do you understand the significance of the right now, of the thing right in front of you?

You’re a dreamer. I get it. I’m a dreamer, too.

So maybe, like me, you’ve been caught up in the future. The future holds your thoughts. The future holds your passion. The future holds your commitment. Because – you’re a dreamer and to dream implies to think about what the future could bring.

But ah, here lies the catch, my dreaming friend.

Because, you see, to dream is ethereal. It’s important, yes, but not actually something that can be grasped...a dream is like water…you can see it and you can feel it, but you cannot hold it in your hand.

No no, don’t stop dreaming. That is not what I am saying! (After all, I’m a dreamer, too.)

But understand – please take a moment to understand – that this ground beneath your feet, this current status of your now, this season you are living and breathing in…this is the very place that will turn the water of your dream into stone and brick, allowing you to grasp and build it one piece at a time.

You can fight me on this. Go ahead. I really don’t take it personally. Because I’ve fought this, too. In fact, I’ll come right over there and give you a huge hug after you cry and scream and say, “When, God, when? When will I see this dream come true?” Because I know how hard it is.  I know that the here and now can be jagged and tough and can last for a long time. 

But I also know something else: without the jagged, painful, tough, long here and now, we will never ever be ready for the dream-come-true.

*take a deep breath*

This season has a reason.

I promise.

But looking back on all my seasons, I wish just one thing: that someone would have told me along the way that there is purpose in all of this right-now stuff, too. Reason in this serving, in this aching, in this waiting, this death of a dream even. I want YOU to have this someone, my dreaming friend. Let me be this someone for you. Trust me, I’m still looking forward to turning my own water-dreams of the future into stone-and brick reality! But through this up-and-down dreamer life of mine, I have learned some things about the value of the now.

About the value of the present season.

Will you believe in this with me? I hope you will.

Here’s what I’ve learned:

1.      The Birth of a Dream is a season of hope, a season where the dreams of God shoot down from heaven into the hearts of His people.

2.      The Seed Watering season is a season where God takes you into a secret place and cultivates this dream in your heart.

3.      The Death of a Dream is the very time when we get to really know Christ – for to know Him is to be crucified…and then to believe for resurrection.

4.      In the Meantime is when we are purified of our selfishness and learn true compassion. This is also when we really understand that this isn’t about us anyway. It’s about God and His plan and His kingdom. So whatever He desires – we become ok with that…even if it looks totally different than we thought it would.

5.      When Dreams Come True, well, this is the moment we’ve prayed for, but somewhere along the way we are handed the weight of the gravity of what this actually means…and we then understand the real reasons for all we learned leading up to this point. Oh, and did I mention this? God never stops dreaming…so neither should you…

As we sit together over coffee (oh I wish that we could right now), I would share these things with you; then I’d go on a journey of discovery to find out where you are right now. Because doesn’t that help? Doesn’t it help a little bit if you can find a marker in the road, a signpost telling you where you are and what’s coming next?

Well since we can’t have coffee (at least not right now), I put a little something together for you. A roadmap for your journey. A hand to lift you up. A light to shine on your soul and help you see with new eyes what your right now actually means.

Here you go. It’s free. Just like Grace. Grab that coffee (save a seat for me), and go through this resource. And whatever you do, dear dreamer heart, don’t give up. And don’t stop dreaming.

p.s. leave me a comment. Let me know which of these 5 seasons you’re in. I can’t wait to hear from you. <3

Download The Seasons of a Dream Cheat Sheet Here:

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