A Wonder Prayer

On my Monday Morning Espresso podcast this week, I shared a prayer I had written in my journal recently. Even when I just read it aloud for the show, my heart was stirred and the fire inside me was kindled once again – to know Christ in His fullness is the greatest thing to seek in this life, the greatest thing to know. I wanted to share the prayer here with you all, too, and I pray that another heart-fire or two would be rekindled through these words.

To not forget the wonder – to live in a state of constant awe – wide-eyed childlike belief in the beyond my norm.

God, I know there is more than what I can see – I know there is more than what I can see – with my PHYSICAL eyes, but oh I see so much with the eyes of my spirit. And yet, I feel like I’m just on the edge of seeing it all.

You said to me last year, “You see everything in real color.”

Surely this is what You meant.

Lord, why have You given me this gift? Why have You given me such a huge portion of WONDER?

Oh spirit, do not sleep. Oh do not let yourself be lulled. You see it all. You see the reality. You see it all. Don’t close your eyes. Stay awake. Please stay awake. Oh how I need your awakeness.

This is GRACE.

Surely this is the color of GRACE. Right? To taste and see that the Lord is good is to see beyond.

To see the vibrant, fully awake life and reality that is just outside our skin and just beyond this vapor that covers our eyes.

I want to live here. Here my heart runs free, fights bravely, sings with abandon, and moves forward fearlessly, knowing my Creator and the destiny I have been created for are certain and cannot be compromised.

Oh Jesus! How truly, astonishingly beautiful You are! I don’t have to see Your face, because I can see the map of Your heart – and oh I know Your eyes burn with a fiery Love that can’t be quenched.

A Love set apart just for me.

Oh how can it be?

But it is…it is…it is.

You are real.

This is real.

There’s all of this glory, and it’s right here.

True Kingdom.

True reality.

True freedom.

You are my Home.

 This little glimpse into my prayers reminded me that I recently found some old journals of mine. I’ve decided to start a new page on my website called “Journals” where I can share some old scribblings of mine from through the years of my journey with Christ. If nothing else, they will be a record for me of all He has done, and testament to His faithfulness. But if you would like to take a peek inside my heart and witness the faithfulness of God in this little life of mine, too, please feel free to head over to that page and take some time to experience Him with me. There will be both wresting and rejoicing – this is real life! But my prayer is all of it will point us back to Christ, the Author and Perfecter of our faith.

CLICK HERE to see the Journals page!

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