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I don’t want to forget.

I don’t want to forget what I walked through. I don’t want to forget how it changed me. And mostly, I don’t want to forget Who brought me through it.

Cuz I’m sitting here now on the other side of the valley – a little breathless, but with the sun streaming onto my face. And it could be easy to forget. I could just turn and keep walking toward the brightness and forget that I just came through the shadows.

But I don’t want to. I need to remember where I was and contrast it to where I am. I need to not get caught up in the trivial things that seem so easy and meaningful in this brightness, when the thing that really matters is that my Savior Loves me, and He saved me, and He’s saving me still.

He never left me when I was in the depths. He never turned from me even when I screamed His Name in anger. He never walked away when the trouble got so troublesome that I nearly lost my faith.

No – He was there. Every. Single. Moment. Watching out for me. Holding me. Catching every single tear in that bottle that He holds right next to His heart. He was interceding for me. Crying with me. And whispering deep down in my soul that He understood – because He’s that kind of Savior, the most wonderful Great High Priest.

I can’t believe how much things have changed, and so very quickly. The wandering through the darkness felt as though it would last forever. Every ray of light I saw turned into a mirage when I was in that place, and each time the light melted away, my heart would go deeper into hiding.