Wunderkind: There's More to Life Than This

wunderkind theres more to life than this

What do you see?

Do you see the clouded reality of what is in front of you, this time and space that you are living in, with all its dark shadows and murky colors? When you open your eyes, do you see lack of time, the mundanity of the everyday, the stress of finances, and the pain of disappointment?

This is the grey…the grey that threatens to swallow us whole, suffocating us with its insatiable need. This grey vortex of never enough, of “don’t get your hopes up”, of reality checks and bank accounts.  The enemy in his domain, the prince of the air, is rubbing his hands together and saying, Yes, yes, I’m showing them reality. A reality that hits them in the face like a door slammed shut so loudly it makes their eyes water and their bones ache. If I can just keep them here behind that door, drowning in this reality, ah yes, then I will have accomplished my purpose – which is to destroy theirs.

Is this what you see? Dear friend, when you open your eyes in the morning, is your first thought the list of tasks that have to get taken care of in order to get by, in order to get through today? Is your biggest hope each morning the countdown to the moment when you can sit down for a second and breathe, or when you can climb back into bed at night and get a moment’s rest before tomorrow?

I’m telling you now.

There is so much more to life than what you can see. There is more to life than this!

I know you’re afraid to fall down. I know your knees are buckling under the weight of your responsibilities.

I’m here to tell you – it’s ok to fall. Let this weighty world cause collapse and fall straight on your face. I dare you. Fall down flat and lift your hands in the air and say, “I can’t do this!”, and just stay there a while.

Then open your eyes again. And see the truth:

You have a King who belongs to and commands eternity – eternity - the parallel reality that exists right here, right now. Open your eyes. Can you see it? Breathe in deep. Can you sense it? Lying there on your face, can you feel eternity? Eternity is embodied in Christ, and He’s coming like light to lift your burden. Cry out, “Jesus!” and watch Him walk into your gloomy grey and illuminate it into color beyond your comprehension. Let Him lift the veil. Let Him throw off those weights that are hindering you. Surrender to Eternity and allow the scales to fall from your eyes.

These weights you’ve been carrying, they’re real, but they’re not real. Not in eternity. In eternity, they don’t even amount to one drop of rain. They are less than nothing. Because eternity is full color, all joy, complete promise, total fulfillment.

And it’s now. Can’t you see? It’s not what you see with your eyes…it’s what you choose to see with your heart. It’s an exchange, a surrender, a life for a life. But did you know? Did they not explain to you? It’s the surrender of your grey life, your life that’s like a wisp of a hair that gets blown away in the wind, a life that is colorless and empty and temporary – that lackluster, sullen life in exchange for the life of Jesus Himself, the eternal, resurrected One who is all strength, all power, all glory, all purpose, all provision, all health, all hope, all color, all vision, all wisdom, all understanding. His life is yours if you will just surrender.

I see the tears in your eyes. I see your white-knuckled grip on what you know. I see your fear of letting go. I see it. I understand. So look at me – look! I’m not afraid. I’m not trembling. I’m on the other side of the door. It’s so beautiful over here. Please, please, let go. Relax your grip. Rest your hands. Say yes. Surrender.

Open your eyes wide now.

What do you see? Do you see the colors? It’s all the same, but it’s all brand-new. Be Wunderkind – the one brave enough to step into the new reality. The one who refuses to stay in the grey. The one who sees what really is and leads others to do the same.  Be the deep well of hope and peace and be the one who is love so poured out that everyone you encounter is changed for the better because of you. Because – Jesus. His life full up inside of yours.

“If you live in wide-eyed wonder and belief, your body fills up with light. If you live squinty-eyed in greed and distrust, your body is a dank cellar. Keep your eyes open, your lamp burning, so you don’t get musty and murky. Keep your life as well-lighted as your best-lighted room.” Luke 11:34-36, The Message

Tear the veil. Walk into the wardrobe. Enter your kingdom and all the weighty yet light-filled responsibilities that await you there. You are royal. You are rulers. You have purpose and promise that is meant to change the world, to bring it more into alignment with the now of eternity. On earth as it is in heaven, right? His will done, His kingdom come – that comes through you. Surrendered. On your face. Exchanged. Filled up. Poured out.

Open your eyes now, Wunderkind. What do you see?

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