Here Comes the Dreamer: A 31-Day Guide to Living Out Your God-Dream

You have a God-dream burning inside of you. You know He has an amazing plan for your life, but no one told you how hard the process was going to be or how long it was actually going to take to see the dream come true. This 31-day devotional is for you, dear dreamer. Let’s go on an adventure together, diving into the different seasons of a dream and exploring the Scriptures in order to uncover the promises in the Word regarding God-dreams and the lives of those who carry them.

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The Most Joyous News: A 10-Day Christmas Devotional

In this 10-day devotional, experience the wonder of the very first Christmas through the eyes of the people who were there: Mary, Joseph, the Shepherds, and others. Enter into this season with your eyes fixed on The Most Joyous News: the coming of the Messiah, Jesus Christ the Lord.

Available on Amazon in Kindle format.