Episode 36: The Dark Night of the Soul

Episode 36: The Dark Night of the Soul



The Dark Night of the Soul - wow - this concept has been blowing my mind these past few weeks. I didn't know about this concept until recently, but the Lord has been so gracious to let me encounter multiple resources that address it...right as I was beginning to endure my own dark night. This is the place where our faith is refined. It is a place where every believer, every God-dreamer, gets to make a choice: will I succumb to my sadness and my brokenness, or will I choose to believe in the faithful God regardless of the darkness I am experiencing? I hope you'll join me today - today, I PREACH on this subject because I feel like it is a VITALLY important reality for believers to be made aware of and to walk through faithfully.

Key Verse: The fountain of Your pleasure is found in the sacrifice of my shattered heart before You. Psalms 51:16, TPT

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