Just Give Me Jesus

All my life I’ve said,

“You can have all this world,

Just give me Jesus.”

But is it true?

Or is it just something to say?


Will I really give all,

Surrender this world,

All its comforts and safeties,

To walk on water,

And be with Jesus?


I want to say YES.

I want to believe I will.

That no matter what may come,

He would find me here,

Find me faithful.


So I cry out,

“Jesus, show me Yourself!”


Oh my…

Here He is.


In all His beauty.

In all His glory.

Rushing like wind into my heart,

Stealing my breath.

My soul is on fire.


Yes, yes I see it now!

Nothing is better

Than these moments with Him.

I want more.

I must give my life.


Just a glimpse of Your glory

Is enough

To banish darkness,

To displace fear,

To empower with purpose.


Now every day must be

All about YOU.

There’s nothing else,

Nothing at all,

Worth living for.


Jesus, You’re EVERYTHING.






You are the Giver of hope.

You are the Creator of dreams.

You are the Author of purpose.

You are the Healer of brokenness.

You are the light in the darkness.


Whom have I in heaven but You?

There is nothing on earth

I desire beside You.

So I lay down my life,

And I lay down my plans.


Do with me

What You will, Jesus.

No matter what it means.

Because I am here,

And I am Yours.


That’s it.

That’s all.

There’s nothing left to say,

Except I Love You.

And You are everything to me.


You’re worth it all,

So I give my all.

Take me, Lord.

You can have all this world!

Just give me JESUS.


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