For Our Daughters

For Our Daughters

Little girl,

You’ve stolen my heart.

My eyes are sparkling

Because I love you.


Little girl,

Sleeping in my arms,

I want to keep you here,

Safe and happy forever.


But the world is dark

And people are afraid.

So I will need to let you go

And shine your light.


For right now

I can hold you and sing

Songs of peace into your life,

Here where you are safe and whole.


Still, in time you will see

Many people hurting

And I will have to watch you fly

As you reach your hands to heal.


Little girl,

So innocent and small,

Your heart is growing day by day.

You will feel for the world.


“Oh God,”

You will cry,

“Stop our quaking, mend our fractures.

Use me to bind up wounds.”


I will be so proud,

Though a little afraid,

As I watch you grow up

And rescue the lost.


I want to keep you from pain.

I want to protect you from danger.

But I cannot,

For you have been born into a dark world.


So I give you permission,

With tears in my eyes,

To grow up fierce and brave and strong

So you can do the difficult things.


I give you my blessing

To pick up your sword,

To take up your cross

And march into your calling.


Here, watch me

I will show you how.

Sometimes we will cry,

But we are becoming strong.


Not so we can be heroes,

But so Jesus can,

For He will be your all

As you march into the world.


JESUS will be your battle cry.

JESUS will be your refuge.

JESUS will be your courage.

And JESUS will be your dancing song.


So, my sweet little girl,

Rest here in my arms.

I will hold you as long as I can

And I will whisper destiny words over you.


Let’s soak this in,

This time of peace,

And then when you’re ready,


You will fly – fearless and free.

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