Believing Beyond the Veil

I believe.

There is more to life than what I see.

This gray veil that covers my eyes,

It is temporary, it isn’t real.

It is just the pallor of this world

Trying to keep me from seeing YOU.

But I press on.

I move forward.

I choose to believe this is not all there is.

Your glory lives beyond this veil.

Vibrancy, life, color, indescribable beauty…

These are Your Kingdom.

This Kingdom isn’t later.

It is now.

This Kingdom isn’t far away.

It is here.

And so I keep running.

I keep believing.

I keep climbing and seeking.

With tenacious determination

I push and tear and rend through the veil,

Pursuing what I know is beyond.

These momentary glimpses that you give me,

These brief rendings of the veil,

Oh they keep me alive, they keep me going.

You look upon me.

You say you see a hero.

I am humbled, because I know my failings.

And yet, you continue to tell me that I am made for extraordinary things.

And so I will keep fighting.

I will not give up

Until Your purposes have been fully accomplished through me.

With a shout, with a cry,

I fly with You into battle.

Wherever You take me,

Wherever You ask me to go,

You will find me faithful.

With gritted teeth, with tears of love in my eyes,

I will fight by Your side.

You could go into battle alone.

You could leave me behind.

But You say You need me.

You say You want me.

You say that I am the only girl for the job.

These words bring me to my knees.

I am humbled beyond explanation.

But these words also make me fearless.

When You say that I’m a hero, that I am chosen,

I feel as though I could conquer the world.

My tools are small.

My weapons are laughable.

But with You, my dagger becomes a sword,

My running becomes flying,

My whispers become war cries,

My fist becomes a battering ram,

My attempts become victories.

Impossible situations are exciting…because:

By the strength of Your Spirit,

By the might of Your hand

They are impossible no more.

I do my part, I obey,

But then…

I sit back and breathlessly watch

As trees come to life,

As mountains move,

As You do anything and everything to bring victory

Because You love me,

Because you are abundantly and outrageously faithful.

Here I am, Lord.

I will always Love You.

I will always seek You.

You believe in me

Even when I don’t believe in myself.

And so I always come back.

With more fight in me than ever,

I return with FEARLESSNESS strapped to my side.

Ready to be Yours.

Ready to be used.

Ready for the impossible.

Ready, ready, so ready

To change the world.

Show me Your glory, Lord!!


Just Give Me Jesus