This is Grace


Sunbeams trickle down my face… 

What is this?

You call it GRACE.


Streams go laughing through my soul,

Water to heal

And make me whole.


Yet here I am all trembling weak

Inside my heart,

Your voice, it speaks:

“The sunbeams still come out to play,

My mercies new

Each dawning day.


And on the water, my Love, it floats,

And look, it’s ME

Here in the boat.


So why do you tremble, why do you fear?

You see!

I’m ever, always here.”


I look up, glancing at the clouds

So white and full

And dancing proud.


And then I know, tho there’s still pain:

Clouds don’t always

beckon rain.


In their darkness I may run,

But in a moment,

Victorious SUN!


Its brightness warmly shines on me

And when I see it

I laugh, I breathe.


Though for a while my way seems dim,

I trust him, I see Him,

There’s always been HIM.


Oh beams of grace, trickle down, wash thru,

And waters of Joy,

I welcome you, too.


Though lightning flash and thunder roar

I know forever

It’s You I adore.


Though mountains quake and hills fall away

Your love is not shaken;

By my side You stay.


Dear beautiful Jesus, so gentle and strong

Though I don’t know where home is,

With You I belong.


Forever and always, when I succeed, when I fail,

Dearest One, precious Lord,

You’re the wind in my sails.


I love You, You know it, and hard tho life be,

I rejoice, I’m amazed

That you’ve chosen me.

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