In the Early Morning Mist


In the early morning mist

You met me here,

My spirit kissed.


And as you walked the fields with me,

You held my heart

And set it free.


I stared into Your loving eyes

And caught my breath,

Full of surprise.


For in your eyes so deep I found

Your Love enfolding,

All around.


How is it You could Love me so?

Here in the depths

It overflows.


Crashing o'er me like a wave,

Your Love, Your Grace,

My heart to save.


Sweet Love, O bliss! Abounding still.

You come, I surrender,

My heart is filled.


Dear Jesus, Savior, what can I do

To live and die

And honor You?


The sun shines brighter, mist, it fades,

Walk this way, child.

Be Mine today.”


And as we walk, I see Your plan.

All I need do

Is hold Your hand.


For out of intimacy sealed,

Your plan and purposes



Captured by this blessed Grace,

I am ready

To run this race.


Sinking in this Love divine,

I am His...

and He is mine.


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