The Freedom Place

The Freedom Place

Here I am again, God,

In all of my brokenness,

Walking down this path

And opening the gates to...


The Freedom Place,

The place of Your presence,

A place bought for me,

With blood from Your hands, your side…


And there where it drops

Where death was to win

Life blooms forth like

Wildflowers in my heart.


Despite all the broken,

No matter the stains,

All the bruises and edges,

Are overcome by Your glory.


And salvation like a helmet

Is placed gleaming on my head,

Granting me the assurance

That I belong here, and oh…


What a gift

What an incredible gift it is

To be in The Freedom Place

And know I belong, because…


There is no shame here,

You see all of me here.

You take all of me in here.

And still You love me completely.


My broken is beautiful,

My cracks full of light,

For this is where You…

Oh this is where You shine through.


So with all of my might,

With my choked up breath

Bursting through chasms and caves,

I lift up my voice to say,


Thank You.

Thank You, Jesus.

Thank You for all You’ve done,

For all that You’ve won for me.


Thank You.

Thank You, Jesus.

For seeing me fully and

Loving me still.


Thank You for The Freedom Place,

For “Blessed assurance,

Jesus is mine.”

Oh yes, what a foretaste…


You never give up on me.

You always pursue me.

You continually undo me.

How beautiful, beautiful, beautiful You are.


I’m in The Freedom Place,

The dark world outside,

But Freedom is expanding.

I see the gates moving.


You give me a candle,

Hope in my hand.

I walk out the gates

And see the light circle grow…


The Freedom Place goes with me

The light all around me

And Jesus right next to me,

Telling me to live…


And to light the way,

So others can see, too,

That their broken is beautiful

And they belong in The Freedom Place.

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