A Desert Psalm

A Desert Psalm


Sunlight touch my skin again.

Raindrops wash my face.

Wind ensnare my strands of hair.

God, turn with your grace.


I need to feel You here with me

I need to know You’re near.

But sun and wind are far away,

The raindrops all have cleared.


I’m in the desert, hot and dry

With not a tree in sight.

I look for your oasis, God.

Where are you in my plight?


So I sink down to my knees

Right here in this hard sand

I lift my hands to you in prayer

“Oh God, please help me stand.”


I open my eyes – it’s desert still.

But somehow now I see

It’s not that you’re abandoning…

You’re setting my flesh free.


Free from need of sun and rain,

Free from thinking those are YOU.

Here in the desert I must cling

To Your promises which are true.


Because You’re who You say You are,

Faithful, Loving, Kind.

I have to keep believing,

Even if my heart’s gone blind.


I walk in what I know is real,

God’s perfect, holy Word,

So even when the rain dries up –

I trust that You are good.


Your promises, they cannot fail.

Your Word always endures.

Your love for me is infinite.

Your character is pure.


You’re mighty, strong, and glorious!

You’re worthy to be praised!

You’re holy, merciful, and just

Perfect in all your ways.


Each person you have knit and formed,

With Kingdom purposes designed.

So I know this must be true for me,

You have great things in mind.


I stand now with my battered knees

I walk now through the sand.

I still don’t see an oasis;

I still don’t see Your hand.


And yet I move my feet forward,

I keep my chin up high.

“Your promises are true, O Lord!”

I yell into the sky.


All praise and glory, honor, strength,

Be unto you, my King!

I believe You’re who You say You are,

And so my soul can sing.


And if I never see the end,

To this desert, to this night,

With all my mighty faith I’ll say:

“Your ways are good and right.”


Because, dear Jesus, Savior mine,

Regardless of this pain,

You’ve always been my deepest Love,

In sun and wind and rain.


But let me not forget one thing,

A promise You declare,

“I’ll never leave or forsake you.”*

With this, my heart You spare.


“I’ll turn again, child, don’t give up.

My compassion will not fail.”**

Another promise of hope to come,

Of winds back in my sails.


Jesus, thank You for this chance,

To learn this deeper thing:

To know You is to Love You,

And to share in suffering.***


Let faith arise inside of me!

It’s faith that leads me home!

A faith through suffering revealed,

By faith He’s truly known.


You haven’t left me here to fall.

You’ve left me here to rise.

To walk in deeper, surer strength,

A faith that never dies.


Thank You Jesus, Savior, King,

Thank You for Loving me.

I’m honored by this desert place.

Was blind but now I SEE.


Really, truly, see…

*Deuteronomy 31:6

**Micah 7:19

***1 Peter 4:13; Philippians 3:10




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