Come to Me

Come to Me

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I saw You there

In the mist.

My arms were wrapped

Around my frail body,

Shivering in the cold.


Yet in that brief moment,

When our eyes met,

I was completely warm,

And safe,

And whole.


But I couldn’t bear to look at you,

So I turned my face away,

Away from Your searing gaze.

And the cold became colder

Than ever before.


For the voice was whispering to me

“Don’t look at Him,”

It said.

 “You’re not worthy,

And He will reject you.”


A solitary tear rolled down my face,

Followed by another,

And another,

Falling silently into the blackness

Of the misty night.


What had happened to me?

How had I fallen so far,

Far from the embrace of the

Only One

I would ever truly Love?


He had clothed me in splendor.

He had laughed in delight

As I danced before Him,

His voice like trickles of sunshine

Sparkling upon my skin.


I found no greater delight

Than being clothed in His Love,

Beautiful and unashamed.

But then in the night,

The voice would come.


It whispered to me,

And turned my heart to ice.

“You’re not worthy,” it whispered.

“He cannot love you forever!

You’re too broken and He will forsake you.”


Finally, I couldn’t bear it, so I put on my

Slippers of silent gold

And my robe of radiant silk,

And ran outside –

Haunted by the words the voice had spoken.


As I ran, I fell to my knees,

Soiling my robe,

And my beautiful slippers.

Dirty and wounded,

I looked back toward the palace.


Better is one day in His courts,

Than a thousand elsewhere,

I said to myself.

But how can I return now?

I have fallen and I am dirty.


And though I had run

Because of the voice,

To try to escape my shame,

Yet here I was,

Completely alone and desperate to return.


No, I reasoned, It will break His heart

To see that I’ve gone

To know that I’ve run

After all He’s done for me.

Surely I cannot go back now.


And so I stood,

Heart splitting in two.

And then…I ran.

I ran and ran from the Love I had known,

Blinded by tears and stumbling along the way.


I tore my belt of truth,

Broke my Spirit sword,

Dropped my faithful shield,

Lost my golden slippers,

And destroyed my royal robe.


All that remained was my salvation headdress,

Which I clung to with all my might.

Somehow I could not,

I would not,

Let that one go.


With each fall

My shame grew deeper,

Enveloping me in a cold and hopeless mist.

But then, today, I SAW YOU.

I saw You in the mist.


But I turned my face away,

And walked on down the

Cold and shame-filled road.

When suddenly, I heard You.

In the breeze around me I heard Your voice.


“Come to Me.”

The words were so quiet,

Barely more than a whisper.

I turned toward Your voice,

Suddenly aching to see You.


“Come to Me!”

The words are louder this time,

Followed by a gut-wrenching sob.

“O Come to Me,

Please come to Me, my Love.”


And then,

There You are,

Bright as day and still as night.

In the distance I see You.

And I start to run.


I run and run toward the Love I had known.

But as I draw closer,

The voice speaks again,

He cannot love you!”

And I halt to a stop.


Your whole being vibrates with light

And in Your eyes,

I see tears.

“Come to Me,”

You say one more time.


I can’t, I say.

And I move no closer.

My heart wants to give in

To Your hope, your warmth,

Your light.


But my all-consuming shame

Holds me back.

“O Come to Me, beloved!”

You cry with Love and sadness.

“Come to Me!”


Heart beating wildly,

I chance a look at Your eyes.

Oh, how I Love You!

How I’ve always Loved You!

But I fear that I’ve broken Your heart.


I ran, I fell, I’m dirty.

Dare I risk Your rejection

By coming to You?

My feet move slowly,

Inching forward.


I take just one tiny step,

But as soon as You see my movement,

So slight and so small,

You FLY to me

And take me in Your arms.


“Beloved, I am here,”

You say.

And that’s when I break.

Heaving sobs rack my body,

And I can hardly breathe.


I reach up

And touch Your face.

And realize that every tear I see,

Wet on Your cheek,

Is marked with my name.


Undone, I whisper,

Oh why do You weep for me?

“Beloved,” You reply,

“I have followed you this whole time.

I have been here all along.”


“Had you just reached for me,

there would have been

No separation,

No shame.

I weep for your broken heart.”


I thought You wouldn’t want me, I reply.

I fell too many times.

I ruined the gifts You gave me.

I lost my hope and my way,

And I feared you’d be ashamed.


“Oh, dear one, no!

My Love runs deeper than oceans.

My adoration is wider than the sky!

Nothing, NOTHING,

Can separate you from My Love!”


And with that,

You lift me into your embrace.

I smell Grace upon Your neck.

I feel the warm cloak of mercy

Wrap around my shaking shoulders.


Oh precious One…

Now I know the voice was wrong.

Your desire is for me,

And when I fall,

You do not turn Your face away.


Instead, You come nearer,

You hold me,

You help me grow,

And make me ever more beautiful

In the glory of Your all-consuming Love.


The mist is gone,

For I have seen the light of Your face.

Now here I stand,

Resplendent in holy armor –

Yes, all has been made new.


I am fully Loved, fully cherished,

Fully filled with purpose and power.

But I know the darkness, the voice,

It continues to consume many others.

And I know what I must do…


I must be a messenger of truth.

So take my hand,

My Hero, my Love.

Let’s venture into the mist

And rescue those still wandering there.


Let us go so they can know,

As I do now,

That they are worthy,

For You are good,

And You have made us Yours.



To the King of compassion!

Blessing, honor, and glory,

forever and ever,


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