Funds Raised

Hello Friends! I am so excited to announce my Spanish Translation Project!!

This summer I released my first book, The Footsteps of a Dreamer: Dare to Step into Your God-Dream. It's been an amazing adventure and I've been so humbled and amazed by how the message of this book has resonated with the people who have read it.

In September I had the opportunity to travel to Ecuador and serve alongside an amazing ministry there called Casa Mis Sueños. This organization is doing incredible work among at-risk and marginalized men and women in Quito, Ecuador. Part of the work they do is providing a home and training for women who have come out of jail or prostitution, giving them an opportunity to receive emotional and spiritual healing and freedom while providing them with training in marketable skills. This ministry also does ongoing outreaches to juvenile detention centers, the red light district, and indigenous pygmy people. I have been so moved by their commitment to true justice and unfailing love, and I wanted to do something to come alongside them and help them continue their work.

While I was in Quito, I had the opportunity to talk with multiple women leaders as well as the Casa Mis Sueños team about the message of my book, and there was a deep resonance with it. It seems this message really hits a chord among Latin American believers, which gets me so excited! That got me thinking that I'd love to get my book into their hands (also, translating the book into multiple languages has been a dream of mine) and somehow have this help Casa Mis Sueños, too.

Long story short, I have found a professional translator related to the ministry who is willing and excited to translate this message into Spanish and who is giving us a REALLY great deal to do so. Once the translation is complete, I'm giving the Spanish book to Casa Mis Sueños. We will get books printed in Ecuador (the cost of which is part of this fundraiser) and then Casa Mis Sueños will be free to sell and distribute the book and keep the profit for their ministry. I feel so excited and honored to have this opportunity to not only get this book into the hands of brothers and sisters in Latin America, but also to use it as a way to partner with this ministry that has captured my heart and is doing such great things for the Kingdom.

The translation work will cost $3200 and the remaining $1000 is for printing an initial set of books for Casa Mis Sueños to sell.

Would you consider giving toward this amazing opportunity? You will be investing not only in encouraging the hearts of God-dreamers in Latin America, but also in the lives of at-risk people in Quito, Ecuador.

THANK YOU for your investment.

Much much joy,


p.s. Don't know much about the message of my book? Check out my book trailer below!